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Customer Relationship Management


A customer-centric company measures customer value, differentiating the person that buys multiple products regularly from one who purchases an occasional trinket; treats customers according to how much they buy, tailoring marketing to the customer type; and provides consistent service whether the customer contacts the company by phone or e-mail through the sales, marketing, or service departments. This type of strategy can help the company become a valuable supplier.

Business Benefits

  • Effective CRM software enables sales reps, service reps, administrative staff, and often, accounting and executive personnel, to do their job better, faster, and with less wasted paper and time
  • Prospects can be followed up quickly, and sales reps have instant access to the exact data needed for effective closing
  • Marketing can be analyzed for workability and improved to create the highest return possible on the marketing dollar
  • In service, customers can be handled rapidly, and the exact nature of a problem can be quickly located and handled
  • The right CRM solution enables data to flow easily and quickly within an organization, and in most cases includes the entire organization
  • The net result is higher sales, happier customers and a much improved bottom line
  • The reduction in costs due to improved personnel productivity, better sales follow up, improved marketing and service, and an overall impressive growth in general organizational efficiency sometimes produces almost immediate economic benefits