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Hospital Management System


An advanced, powerfull, flexible complete management software for Hospital, Clinic, Diagnostic center, Medical institute.

Key Features

  • MULTIUSER ACCOUNT SYSTEM : Access for 8 types of user account.
  • RESPONSIVE USER INTERFACE : It will run over all kinds of devices seamlessly.
  • REGULAR FREE UPDATES : Regular updates are available to download for free.
  • MULTIPLE LANGUAGE SUPPORT : Supports 21 different languages.
  • EASY CUSTOMIZATION : Easily customizable with the help of understandable documentation.
  • MONITORING OF WHOLE HOSPITAL : The admin can monitor all activities of the hospital.
  • ALL USER ACCOUNTS MANAGEMENT : The admin can create and manage all 7 user accounts.
  • NOTICE BOARD SCHEDULE : Easily create notices and view them in event calendar.
  • PROFILE SYSTEM : Edit profile settings as you wish.
  • APPOINTMENT MANAGEMENT : The doctor can create and manage appointments with patients.
  • APPOINTMENT SCHEDULE : View all appointments at a glance in calendar view.
  • SMS NOTIFICATION : Patients get notified via sms after appointment approval.
  • APPOINTMENT FILTERING : Receptionists are able to filter appointments based on doctors and time periods for ease of access.
  • PRESCRIPTION AND DIAGNOSIS REPORTS : The doctor assigns prescriptions and diagnosis reports to patients.
  • MEDICAL REPORTS MANAGEMENT : Manage medical reports such as operation, birth or death reports.
  • MEDICATION HISTORY : View entire medication history of patients.
  • APPOINTMENT APPLICATION : Patients can apply for appointments with a doctor.
  • BED ALLOTMENT AND BLOOD BANK MANAGEMENT : All beds/wards, blood bank and blood donor status can be managed efficiently.
  • MEDICINE MANAGEMENT : Pharmacists can manage all medicines.
  • INVOICE MANAGEMENT : All invoices and payment information is managed by accountant.
  • INTERNAL MESSAGING : Private messaging between doctor and patient.