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Vehicle( Fleet) Management System


Vehicle Management System : Which deals with all the day to day operations of vehicles in a depot / Transport Agency.

Key Features

  • It has the ability to keep track of every vehicle in the depot, down to the precise fuel and hours used. It will even manage tyre wear and servicing, registration dates and warranty periods.
  • It displays the accurate and detailed information of Vehicle / Equipment in order to reduce costs and improve profitability.
  • It maintains and tracks the Vehicles and Equipment information from the date of Commission (purchase) to date of Scrap.
  • Costs and maintenance are easily monitored on a daily basis, and obtain detailed reports on the status of each vehicle at any time.
  • Security and User level Access are provided in order to access the System.
  • Complete Master Entry Screens in order to view, add and update all details from within a select record.
  • Record and report on details including costs, purchase date, warranty period etc.
  • Tracking Vehicles/ Equipments.
  • Calculates average usage rates for Equipments (Assemblies and Tyres).

Stores Inventory

  • Complete Catalogue of all stores items.
  • Update Inventory levels.
  • Even maintains the Spares information.
  • Issues equipments directly to Vehicles and their details.


  • Fuel usage and tracking
  • Calculate average usage rates for Vehicles.

Accidents / Breakdown

  • Captures the Accidents / Breakdown information of all vehicles.
  • Provides the detailed information about the Vehicle’s Accidents / Breakdown details between the given dates.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Vehicles breakdown will be reduced with an elegant, simple, yet highly effective PM Program.
  • Schedules all servicing and PM's and generates Alerts.
  • Displays the job schedules, which has to be performed under the respective PM policy.
  • After performing the docking2, program kms can be made as ‘0’. In order to track the PM Schedules.

Fitments / Removals

  • To maintain the history of Vehicle/Equipments, it is necessary to maintain the information like equipment removals and fitments of the vehicle.
  • It includes causes of removal/Fitments, Equipment ID, Vehicle No, Date and mechanic information.
  • Includes Scrap Information of Vehicles/Equipments and before scrapping it check for Warranty period, and displays the Premature Vehicles/Equipments details in order for analysis.
  • System Captures the Smoke Emission details of Vehicles, so that Log Sheet generation can be done on the basis of its result.
  • Fitness Certificate of Vehicle is also validated, while generating the Log Sheet.
  • Other validations are also performed, while generating the Log Sheet in order to provide the efficient Services.


  • Daily Vehicle Position Report.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports.
  • Graphical Reports.
  • User Customizable Reports.
  • Performance of Equipments and Tyres wrt to the
  • Vendors and Make wise and status wise.
  • Cost Consumption of Vehicle and Equipments.
  • New Vehicles inducted and scrapped reports.
  • Equipment's and Tyres history.
  • PM Reports with the Abstract (summary) which includes in time, late and Backlogs.
  • Premature Failure Reports etc.